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Ordering ALL foals of a leading or highly successful stallion may result in a report hundreds of pages long. We recommend ordering a limited Sire report (see choices on Purchase screen). The Sire and/or Maternal Grandsire summary always includes a total foals summary.

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3 Easy Steps To Upload Your AQHA Research:

1. Click on Choose File (below)
2. Click Upload
3. Retrieve your completed/parsed files in Order History. 


NOTICE: Only text files (.txt) may be submitted!

To update AQHA Incentive Fund money, you must submit an AQHA record to the Parser. After you upload your AQHA sire records, go to the other service and run a regular sire report, and the system will only charge you the regular report price (the top 10, top 50, or all foals record price). If you run both within a 24-hour period, it will not charge you twice.

Only the following AQHA Volume User Record numbers work on the Parser:

075 ($0.25 each foal)
070 ($0.25 each foal)
071 ($0.25 each foal)
090 ($0.25 each foal)
095 ($0.25 each foal)
100 ($11 each report)
101 ($9 each report)
102 ($10 each report)

080 ($5 each report)
082 ($9 each report)

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