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FeaturesQDATA Catalog AppE-Book CatalogPDF Catalog
Electronic Delivery
Use on iPhone
Use on Android Phones
Use on iPad
Use on Android Tablets
Interactive Indexes*
Photo Capability
Video Capability
Create Custom Search
Search Across Multiple Sales
Search for Bred Mares
Search for Foals Selling at Side
Save Favorites to a List
Create Favorites Folders
View Favorites Lists
View Favorites from Multiple Sales
Access Multiple Catalogs
Mark Up Pages
Highlight Text in Multiple Colors
Add Ratings
Add Conformation Evaluations
Add Electronic Notes
Dictate Notes**
Updates Sales Automatically
Print with Markup
Supports Ads
Share via Email
Email Favorites List
Email Page w/ Rating or Evaluation
Take Photo & Attach to Horse
Take Video & Attach to Horse
Tap on Covering Sire to see Pedigree
View Race Detail from Horse Page
Access Archived Sales
Receive Notifications of New Sales
See What’s Changed
Jump to Hip # from Catalog Page
Custom Search from Catalog Page
Sync your notes, ratings, evaluations, lists, and annotations*** between your different devices
Sale Results (if provided) on Sale Horse Page
Complete Sale Results (if provided) linked to Main Page
Past Performance can be enlarged (zoomed)

*Interactive Indexes available in the QDATA Catalog App and in versions of higher than a Basic E-Book. Please inquire for differing options of an E-Book. We have levels to suit every budget.
**Dictate Notes is available if your tablet or mobile device supports Dictation.
***Annotations are able to be synced between tablets only. Feature not available on smart phones.