The QDATA FoalTracker

The past week’s money-earning activity in the QDATA Database

A Free Weekly QDATA Records Service!

A personalized weekly information service providing the previous week’s money-earning activity of YOUR OWN horses or their foals!

View a FoalTracker Example

You must be a registered QDATA User to set up a FoalTracker. If you do not have an QDATA Username and Password, click on the button below to register. → After logging in, click on FoalTracker to build your FoalTracker list or view your FoalTracker.

QDATA makes it easy to track the activity of your horses! All you have to do is:

  • List your stallions’ names to follow their foals’ careers

  • List your mares’ names to follow their foals’ careers

  • List individual horses you would like to follow

The QDATA FoalTracker makes it easy to:

  • Keep Ads Updated

  • Keep Websites Updated

  • Update Catalog Pages

  • Follow Sale Horses of Interest